Half As Much, Not Half As Good: The Powerful Importance Of Support In The Plant-Based Movement

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As the vegan movement continues to grow, many people are discovering the important effect they could have on climate change, and animal humanity. And while some have no problem ditching meat products, others struggle with relinquishing their favorite dishes.

The argument of human as herbivores is still out to lunch but there is no doubt that a plant-based diet is holistically better for us – and the planet. So although some may not be overtly dedicated to the vegan movement, they may understand the benefits and act accordingly.

One concerning trend that I see in vegan communities is shaming. “True vegans” are often quite hard on those that are experimenting or slowly incorporating more plant-based options into their diets and lifestyle without completely converting. This is dangerous and counter-productive to the true mission of a plant-based lifestyle. “To lessen or stop the abuse of animals and to stop the destructive damage caused by the meat industry on our planet.”

A recent follower of She’s So Vegan shared with me that she was often attacked by friends who saw her as just trying to “hop on the bandwagon” since she was not yet 100% plant-based. As someone striving to make better life choices, how damaging to criticize them in the midst of their journey!

This is a message to all the part-time, semi-part-time, just dippin-a-toe-in vegans. You are worthy and important in this movement!

If you are a 100% vegan – great for you. But if you meet someone just starting their journey or simply packing it in their bag of tools, support and embrace those efforts.

Every effort matters. And complete dedication is not necessary. I am a proud part-time vegan who is exploring the delicious journey of plant-based living at my own pace.

No one:

Me: Louder for the people in the back.


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