One of Worlds Most Expensive Restaurants, Eleven Madison Park, Wants To Serve Only Plants

Big news coming out of New York this week. Eleven Madison Park, one of the worlds most expensive restaurants, has announced plans to reopen in June as an almost exclusively plant-based establishment. Milk and honey will still be offered for tea services, but otherwise, their $335 tasting menu will feature dishes made entirely of “vegetables, both from the earth and the sea, as well as fruits, legumes, fungi, grains, and so much more,” Daniel Humm, the restaurant’s chef and owner, said in a statement.

“I find myself most moved and inspired by dishes that center impeccably-prepared vegetables, and have naturally gravitated towards a more plant-based diet,” Humm said. “This decision was inspired by the challenge to get to know our ingredients more deeply, and to push ourselves creatively.”

Credit: The Guardian

This is big news for the plant-based movement, as one of the most high-profile establishments to adopt an animal free menu. Amid a growing trend towards less meat-products, the hope is that many more restaurants will see Eleven Madisons change as inspiration to move their own menu’s in a similar direction.

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