Non-GMO Project (NGP) Announces New Changes to Soybeans and Canola Crops

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The Non-GMO Project is the organization behind that little butterfly logo you see on grocery store projects. It assures you that the product has not had extensive genetic modification and is a sign many health conscious readers might look for when buying food for their family.

Here at She’s So Vegan, we received an email from the project alerting us to new GM events:

We’re writing to let you know that unfortunately, we’ve identified two new GM events impacting soybeans and canola. “GM events” are genetic modifications made to a crops DNA, creating a new GMO variety.


While this email is concerning, the fact that NGP makes sure to alert its consumers to changes in the genetic varietys of produce available is reassuring.

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What are GM events?

GM events are when crops are further modified to create a new variety. The two crops that have been affected and will be readily available throughout the market soon are soybeans and canola. These are both crops on the High-Risk list because they are two of the most commonly modified crops and are commercially available almost everywhere.

Does this effect me?

This news mainly concerns companies that are currently using and verifying their product through the NGP as they will have to compy with testing regulations by March 2022. So if you are a consumer, just keep looking for the trustworthy butterfly label of the Non-GMO Project and trust that they really are keeping an eye on our produce.

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