Family-Run Farm PureOaty Wins Lawsuit Against Oatly After Judge Declares “No Risk”

A small family run farm in Cambridgeshire, UK was just trying to get in on the oat milk phenomenon that has been sweeping the world. Fans of the plant-based milk know that oat in particular has seen a rapid rise in popularity over the past few years.

So when famous Swedish brand Oatly sued them for “unfair advantage” they chose to fight back, saying their intention was never to damage their competitor but rather to share the benefits of plant-based with as many people as possible.

Well, they will be able to continue, thanks to a High Court judge ruling in favor of their case, saying the family-owned company posed no risk of damage to the well-known Oatly brand.

Here at She’s So Vegan, we love to make room for brands of all names because let’s face it – we’re on a mission to save the world.

While only available in the UK, we wish PureOaty nothing but the best and hope to see it on shelves worldwide soon!

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