4 Vegan Gift Ideas For Fathers Day That Are Better Than A Card

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Father’s Day is this weekend and everyone is looking forward to celebrating the father-figures in their life. It can be tricky to know what to get your favorite dad, especially more so if he is of the vegan persuasion.

These 5 gift ideas make a perfect Father’s Day even better:

1. Vegan Leather Wallet by Matt & Nat

A wallet is a classic gift for anyone and these vegan leather goods from Matt & Nat are the perfect sophisticated touch for the classic dad. They have all sorts of goods too! Backpacks, purses, shoes and more! So if a wallet isn’t on the table, then maybe something else will fit. You can shop their collections here.

2. Sidekick Backpack by EarthHero

For the outdoor explorer or weekend adventurer this Sidekick Backpack by Earth Hero is made of sustainable materials and is super stylish.

3. Protein Shakes by Plant Works Nutrition

Plant-based protein! What more can I say! PlantWorks Protein is 100% plant-based, sugar free, vegan protein packed with adaptogens & super herbs to help “Fuel Your Awesome.” (Their words, not ours.)

4. Hot Sauce Pack By Meaty Vegan

Some like it hot and wow – does this Meaty Vegan’s Plant Venom hot sauce deliver! The name Plant Venom is not a joke so only get this gift if the dad in your life likes a real vegan KICK!

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