Vegan Beauty Delivered with VeganCuts!

My friends call me the beauty product whore. (How rude!)

But in all honesty, since I was little I can remember watching my mom put on her beauty products. I noticed it made her feel good knowing she was taking care of her skin and enhancing her own beauty. I couldn’t wait to grow up and use my own beauty products.

As I started my vegan journey, I couldn’t get over how many of my favorite products used animal testing or some type of animal product. Throwing away my favorite brands was hard for me but I kept thinking of all the awful things helpless animals go through for cosmetic testing. Shopping for new brands became my new mission – and it was a mission, let me tell you! I would end up frustrated, walking out with little or no product. After lots of research and some online shopping I finally found a few new favorites but I wanted more options and I wanted it to be easier for all of us who care about the well being of animals while still being that product whore.

I was first introduced to VeganCuts via their vegan snack box and I fell in love with the brand. So when I heard they had a vegan beauty box I was over the moon! To have vegan beauty brands in delivered right to my door was a dream come true. And they send new products every month!

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A few of my favorite items:

Sugar Beauty Hair

A vegan gummy women’s multi with omega-3, vitamin b-12 and vitamin C + D2. They are delicious and packed with the exact vitamins vegans miss out on most.

Good To Go Double Chocolate Bar

If you know me then you know I’m a chocolate lover. This one is not only delicious but also has only 1g of sugar, 4g net carbs and 8g of fiber.

Brilliant Black Dental Floss

Made with bamboo and charcoal that is completely biodegradable and vegan this floss leaves your teeth clean with a minty taste. Caring for the planet means being conscious  of our waste and dental floss is one of the main contributors to plastic waste!

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