3 Reasons You Should Go Vegan This Year!

Veganism is not new but it has gained in popularity in recent years due to a growing abundance of advocates and the public discourse on the harmful effects of the meat industry. Whether changing their diet or their beauty routine, going vegan is on everyone’s minds.

However, many people are on the fence as to whether this plant based lifestyle is for them – or if it is even sustainable. She’s So Vegan was created for this exact cause – to guide you on your journey into veganism and help you understand the benefits. So without further ado, here are 3 reasons you should go vegan this year!

1. You save hundreds of animals from being slaughtered each year.

While this may not be a strong enough reason for some, the cruel slaughter of innocent animals is one of the primary reasons many vegans begin their journey. All it takes is a quick Google search to turn up hundreds of videos of the inhumane conditions of cattle farms and slaughter houses. After watching a baby cow cry for its mother as it is pushed into a slaughter alley is definitely inspiration enough for us and we hope for you too!

2. It’s good for your gut.

Todays modern diet is full of carbs, yeast, and sugars which wreck havoc on our gut health. Sugar and yeast are not natural parts of the human diet and we are poorly evolved to handle them. And yet, sugar is in everything! A vegan diet is rich in whole and fibrous foods that balance our micro biome and leave us at less risk for cancers, digestive issues and more.

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3. Vegan food is delicious!

The number one question that vegans get asked is: But what do you eat? Let me tell you, the time of boring salads is long past. More and more companies are creating plant-based options that inspire. Impossible foods has even created a plant-based “meat” that bleeds (its beet juice). So if you are an avid meat lover of foodie who can;t stand the idea of giving up some of your favorite dishes, you no longer have to! There is a replacement for it and I promise you – it’s delicious!

These are just A FEW of the reasons why you should go vegan. And if you are not ready to eat vegan, why not consider going vegan in others ways, like with a vegan beauty routine?


Please continue to follow along here for more vegan inspiration and recipes. We hope to convert you soon!


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