NOMOO: West Hollywoods Newest All-American Eatery, With A Vegan Twist

I know vegan food is supposed to be made of veggies and fruits, beans and rice. I know that what springs to mind when you imagine plant-based American food is not burgers, truffle fries and milk shakes. But NOMOO: new american burgers doesn’t care what you think vegan should be. They are just concerned with making it delicious!

Wets Hollywood’s newest vegan burger joint is located on Sunset Blvd, on an unassuming corner with classic signage. The neon sign is reminiscent of many classic American eateries from the 50s. Lots of red and yellow and blues going on. And when you enter, the menu is full of comfort-food. Double patty burgers, spicy fried chicken sandwiches, truffle fries and milkshakes.

I mean, this is about a vegan restaurant, right?

Disclaimer: Writers are sometimes compensated through in-kind trades of goods or services. NOMOO gifted us our entire meal so we could give you the juicy details.

As we eagerly awaited our food, I thought back to my sceptiscm of meat replacements just a year earlier, until I was introduced to something called The Lettuce Truck in Los Angeles and my mind was blown. So now I found myself looking forward to the incoming feast. What arrived at our table could only be described as just that. We got to try one of everything on the menu and had ordered both the regular and chicken burgers, the truffle creme fries and Blue Majik shakes, with just a hint of blue algea for health.

Amazing! Just look at the pictures if you don’t belive me.

More and more vegan locations are popping up everyday in Los Angeles so NOMOO: new american burgers will face some stiff competition but for now they are sitting at the top of our “vegan comfort food in LA” list.

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